Knowledge vs Skill

So Ive decided to start looking for a new job. While reading through job adverts on I realized that while I have a lot of knowledge around my area of specialization (Software Development) I am no longer skilled sufficiently to be a software developer.

That doesn’t mean I can be a software developer, but it does mean that I wont pass a skills test on my preferred development tools, for example JavaScript: I know what is possible in JavaScript and can look it up when I need to, but I cant write a test on JavaScript and pass.

Knowledge, Belief and Faith

I now understand the difference between Knowledge, Belief and Faith….

While riding a 24 hour Mountain bike race (we did laps for 24 hours), on the first lap I was riding behind 2 other riders when we approached a pipe that went over the trail. As I was being I could see there was a large gap between the cyclists heads and the pipe.

So I had the knowledge that the pipe was well above head height.

When I went under the pipe I ducked anyway.

So I did not Believe it.

After a few laps I stopped ducking.

Now I truly believed that the pipe was way above my head height.

Another few laps I realized I was no longer even looking at the pipe.

I now had faith that the Pipe would not move and therefore I would always have space under the pipe.