Learning React

Most of the jobs I see that I would like to apply for require a developer to know React. In my quest to learn react I came across this summary course on YouTube. If you are like me and find normal training boring this summary course will be of interest. (It is actually an advert for his longer paid course).

C# loading a file through Ajax and Web API

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The Modal Form

<div id="AddFileDialog" class="modal">

<!-- Modal content -->
<div class="modalcontent">
  <div class="modalheader">
    <span class="close" onclick="cancelAddFileDialogClick();" id="closeAddFileDialog">&times;</span>
    <h1>Add File</h1>
  <div class="modalbody">
    <form id="NewsForm">
      <input type="hidden" id="FAAuctionID" />
      <div class="form-group has-feedback">
        <label for="FAAuctionName">Auction</label>
        <input type="input" name="FAAuctionName" id="FAAuctionName" value="" placeholder="Enter Auction Name" autocomplete="off" class="form-control" disabled>
      <div class="form-group has-feedback">
        <label for="FileType">File Type</label>
        <select name="FileType" id="FileType" class="form-control">
          <option value="1">Image</option>
          <option value="2">Document</option>
      <div class="form-group has-feedback">
        <label for="FileName">Name</label>
        <input type="input" name="FileName" id="FileName" value="" placeholder="Enter Descriptive Name" autocomplete="off" class="form-control">
      <div class="form-group has-feedback">
        <label for="Files">File</label>
        <input type="file" name="Files" id="Files" class="form-control"></input>
  <div class="modalfooter">
    <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary" onclick="OKAddFileDialogClick();" id="OKAddFileDialog">OK</a>
    <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary" onclick="cancelAddFileDialogClick();" id="cancelAddFileDialog">Cancel</a>


Java Script Show Form


JavaScript Dialog Management and send to server

function cancelAddFileDialogClick() {

function OKAddFileDialogClick() {
    // Link Companies in group to Auction
    AuctionID = $("#FAAuctionID").val();
    FileType = $("#FileType").val();
    FileName = $("#FileName").val();
    var fileData = new FormData();
    var fileUpload = $("#Files").get(0);
    var files = fileUpload.files;
    for (var i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
        fileData.append(files[i].name, files[i]);
    fileData.append("AuctionID", AuctionID);
    fileData.append("FileType", FileType);
    fileData.append("Name", FileName);
        method: "POST",
        contentType: false,   
        processData: false,
        beforeSend: function (xhr) { xhr.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + LoadToken(TokenName)) },
        url: "/api/Auctions/File/Create",
        data: fileData
    .done(function (data) {
        if (data.Result == "OK") {
            alert("File Linked successfully.");
        if (data.status == "ERROR") {
    .fail(function (data) {

C# code in ApiController

        public HttpResponseMessage UploadFiles()
            // Checking no of files injected in Request object  
            if (System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Files.Count > 0)
                List<Models.AuctionFile> OutFiles = new List<Models.AuctionFile>();
                    //  Get all files from Request object  
                    HttpFileCollection files = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Files;
                    for (int i = 0; i < files.Count; i++)
                        //string path = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + "Uploads/";  
                        //string filename = Path.GetFileName(Request.Files[i].FileName);  

                        HttpPostedFile file = files[i];
                        string fname;

                        // Checking for Internet Explorer  
                        if (System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.Browser.ToUpper() == "IE" || System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.Browser.ToUpper() == "INTERNETEXPLORER")
                            string[] testfiles = file.FileName.Split(new char[] { '\\' });
                            fname = testfiles[testfiles.Length - 1];
                            fname = file.FileName;
                        fname = Path.GetFileName(fname); // Drop path of uploaded file

                        // Get the complete folder path and store the file inside it.  
                        fname = Path.Combine(System.Web.Hosting.HostingEnvironment.MapPath("~/Uploads/"), fname);
                        // TODO: Link in Database

                        AuctionFile Model = new AuctionFile();
                        Model.CreatedBy = UserHelper.currentUser(this);
                        Model.CreatedDate = DateTime.Now;
                        Model.AuctionID = Int32.Parse(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Params["AuctionID"]);
                        Model.FileType = Int32.Parse(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Params["FileType"]);
                        Model.Name = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Params["Name"];
                        Model.Path = fname;
                        // Done: Create Audit
                    // Returns message that successfully uploaded  
                    return Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK, new { Result = "OK", Records = OutFiles, TotalRecordCount = OutFiles.Count() });
                catch (Exception ex)
                    return Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK, new { Result = "ERROR", Message = ex.Message });
                return Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK, new { Result = "ERROR", Message = "No files Selected" });