Custom Bootstrap using Sass

I’ve known about SASS for a long time but never took the time to learn how to use it. For a new project (a University project) I wanted to use Bootstrap but also wanted custom colors on the website. Instead of creating my own CSS I decided to stick with Bootstrap but learnt to modify it for my own color palette.

The project is around COVID-19 and medical testing. As such I wanted to use a custom pallet of

Green representing Health

Blue standing for Medical personnel (Professions)

Yellow for Happiness

I spent some time working out how to achieve this in Bootstrap’s provided Scss files. It was so easy that I felt a bit of a fool that I had not learnt this earlier!


Before following this guide, you will need to have Nodejs with NPM installed.

To start lets create a webpage that displays some buttons using Bootstrap. Download boot into the web project (I downloaded Bootstrap sources from ). Unzip the sources into the webpage directory.

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My HTMl file contains



       <link rel="stylesheet" href=" bootstrap-4.5.3\dist\css bootstrap.css" />



       <h1>Custom Bootstrap using Sass</h1>

       <span class="btn btn-primary">Primary</span>

       <span class="btn btn-secondary">Secondary</span>

       <span class="btn btn-danger">Danger</span>

       <span class="btn btn-health">Health</span>

       <span class="btn btn-prof">Prof</span>

       <span class="btn btn-happy">Happy</span>



Which, when viewed in a browser looks like:

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A standard looking Bootstrap example of buttons. The last 3 buttons have classes that do not exist so just get ignored and the standard class=”btn” is used for them.

To start customizing the Bootstrap css we need to install the sass compiler. Using NPM run the following command

npm install -g sass

This installs SASS globally so we can run it from any project. Now I can start customizing boostrap to meet my requirements. First I modify the _variables.scss file found in the bootstrap scss folder. Before I get to custom colors, I’ll just change the primary color to check that my configuration is working correctly:

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For my test I am going to change the primary color to red instead of the normal Bootstrap blue.

Change line 67 to

$primary:       $red !default;

Save the file and now I can compile the Scss into css. In the terminal I run

sass C:\projects\Sass1\bootstrap-4.5.3\scss\bootstrap.scss C:\projects\Sass1\bootstrap-4.5.3\dist\css\bootstrap.css

This command overwrites the originally downloaded CSS file. You could instead place the output file anywhere, for example in a \css directory in your project

Now refresh the web page

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We have effectively changed all *-primary classes to be red.

How about creating our own button classes. Would it not be easier to use class btn-happy for a yellow button instead of trying to remember if the primary or secondary is yellow.

In _variables.scss add the following lines after $dark (at line 75).

$health: $green;
$prof: $blue;

$happy: $yellow;

In theme-colors in the section below add

 "health": $health,

    "prof": $prof,

    "happy": $happy

So that theme-colors looks like

$theme-colors: () !default;
$theme-colors: map-merge(
    "primary":    $primary,
    "secondary":  $secondary,
    "success":    $success,
    "info":       $info,
    "warning":    $warning,
    "danger":     $danger,
    "light":      $light,
    "dark":       $dark,
    "health": $health,
    "prof": $prof,
    "happy": $happy

Save the changes and compile Scss to css again

When I refresh the web page I can see my custom colored buttons, using my own class names.

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I now have buttons with my custom colors. In fact all the Bootstrap components that use the color pallet are now customized. To show this I can display an alert

    <div class="alert alert-happy mt-5" role="alert">

            A simple Happy alert—check it out!


When we refresh the page:

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Note also how the compilation process did the same color modulation of yellow to fit the color to suit the other alert colors.

Personally, I like the Bootstrap color theme. But being able to modify it to suit my own requirements makes it a lot easier to customize and use wherever I need it. For the website I am designing I don’t have Primary and Secondary colors. I have three primary colors called Health, Prof and Happy.

Why I choose PHP and JavaScript

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I’m a professional software developer but choose to use PHP and JavaScript for my “personal” projects. When other software development professionals hear this I often get asked why, because PHP has “no future”. 

It is all about ease of use! Getting a local development server up and running on my new laptop takes about 5 minutes. I just download XAMPP and run an install, for tooling I download VS Code (also free) and I can be developing new code 10 minutes after I open my brand new laptop. Best of all it is completely free! 

But, I hear my colleagues say, you could use the cloud for Nodejs, C#, Java etc! Yes I could but those are 1. Not as easy to setup and 2. Not quite as free. If I develop something that has financial possibilities I can upload it onto a basic web hosting site for R40 per month. If and when it becomes a success I can then move it to a real hosting environment. 

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But, I hear them say again, you can set up a free web application on Azure or a t2.micro on AWS. Again, I agree I could, but then I need to worry about the OS, or the hosting platform, and then I need to check my security so that I can access my MySQL database from my local development machine. With my friendly local hosting provider I get a pre setup FTP account, a click of a button for a MySQL database that I can access from my local machine. 

But, yet again <rolls eyes>, that will never be as secure. I agree it isn’t, but so far it’s a simple little idea I was testing out, it is not a super secret app that has my banking details on it. 

IF and WHEN I get an idea that works, then taking the time and effort to configure a secure, elastic, load balanced and expensive environment will become worth while.